Louise Blackwell


Hello, I’m an independent producer based by the sea in Sussex. To me, being a producer means I get excited by new and unusual ideas that have the potential to make the world a better place and then try and make them happen. These ideas are usually ones that artists have. I am inspired by live performance and so that’s the world in which most of the ideas take place.  They happen in the UK and around the world. Performance means many things to me – dance, theatre, music, sound, lighting, writing, design, projection, installation – but mostly it means something that cannot happen unless there is an audience present.

I love working with artists but also scientists, technicians, production managers, researchers, architects, councils, business leaders, teachers – anyone who is willing to collaborate and make an initial idea better by working together. I’m passionate about ensuring creative opportunities are available to people from all sorts of backgrounds. I believe in the power of creativity in everyday life and that if it is harnessed it can make a positive difference to people’s lives. I am as happy working in large scale venues like Sadler’s Wells in London to arts centres like The Holbeck in Leeds and across cities and towns in locations like shopping centres, art galleries, museums, helicopters, parks, schools and on boats. Whatever’s the best way for the ideas to meet an audience. I’m interested in creative acts that combine forms; I work with dancers, writers, scientists, activists, directors, fine artists, video makers, choreographers, sound artists, computational artists and more.

I work with a range of artists and creative companies from Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations Clod Ensemble and Fevered Sleep who have been making performance for over 20 years, to independent experienced artists like Melanie Wilson and Andy Smith, to people at the beginning of their creative journeys like Brighton People’s Theatre and Nima Taleghani. I’m Co-Director of new start-up LOOKOUT , connecting artists, young people and businesses through creativity.

I’m currently an Artist Fellow at Queen Mary University, London. I’m on the board of Marlborough Productions CIC who run the Marlborough Theatre, a home for queer performance in Brighton. I am an Arts Council South East area council member.

I co-founded producing company Fuel, with Sarah Golding and Kate McGrath in 2004 and was Co-Director with Kate, until July 2017 when I became an independent producer. From 2001 – 2004 I was Senior Producer at Battersea Arts Centre, London and before that I was Producer for touring company Brighton Theatre Events.

Image credit: James Pike Photography