Louise Blackwell

Victoria Melody and mentee
The Exchange image by Ian Greenland
The Exchange image by Ian Greenland


Led by Louise Blackwell, Charlotte Vivian and James Barton, the project celebrates creativity and shines a light on lesser known creative roles through a year round programme of workshops, creative collaborations, mentoring and work place visits. Working in partnership with artists, local businesses and people aged 8 to 80 yrs who don’t have access to creative opportunities in their everyday lives.

For more information have a look at the LOOKOUT website. or check out the LOOKOUT YouTube channel for loads of free content.

The children have grown and flourished all round. It has impacted hugely on their self-confidence, conviction to try, positive engagement and their desire to be creative in lots of different groups. class teacher, Benfield Primary School

To have the chance to work with creative professionals aged 9 is phenomenal on a multitude of levels. It has widened her horizons inspiring her, providing knowledge, advice, linking her passions to tangible careers to aspire to. Attending the children’s showcase was amazing! Parent of Benfield participant

We piloted the project in 18/19 in partnership with Benfield Primary School and BHASVIC 6th Form College and since then have worked with partners such as the Hummingbird Project, Miss Represented, Amaze Sussex and GB Met.

I think LOOKOUT has made me more open to saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and being more confident in my creativity. BHASVIC mentee

If you work with people who need some creativity in their lives and are interested in getting involved in the work we do, drop me a line.

Supported by Arts Council England, Brighton & Hove City Council, Sussex Community Foundation and the Chalk Cliff Trust.