Louise Blackwell

Anne Colvin

Anne is a professional Dance Artist, Choreographer and Creative Practitioner. Her work over the last 20 years has a strong participatory and person-centred creative focus, facilitating others’ engagement with dance, with clear evidence of a depth of creative substance. This has included working in education, health and arts specific settings, making work, mentoring practitioners, artists and participants, and using dance and creativity as a tool for developing wellbeing.

She has recently made a shift of focus, back to making my own performance work, working with both professional and non-professional dancers. I have enjoyed an evolving interest in themes associated with nature and observed a diversity of ways that people engage, both practically and creatively, with their natural surroundings. This has stimulated a deepening interest for her as a choreographer to explore connection and relationship with nature, informed by my participatory working practices and experiences.

Louise is working with Anne on the LOOKOUT: Are we there yet? project