Louise Blackwell

Ben Anderson (Derby Theatre) Matthew Austin (MAYK) and me at Derby Theatre
Me with the other LOOKOUT mentors

Training, mentoring & work experience


I’m interested in passing on the knowledge I have gained so far in producing and developing new performance. I currently offer sessions on:

Well-being for freelancers, Managing risk for creatives, Building and maintaining partnerships, The foundations: project management, From idea to reality: how to make a creative project happen, Raising the money: how, what, when, who?

But I’m able to adapt and offer sessions on a range of different arts producing skills and ideas.

Louise has continuously made an exciting contribution to the professional development programme in the Theatre Department at the University of Chichester. She has offered our students a number of engaging and thoughtful presentations that were incredibly useful as the students prepare for the start of their careers. Louise offered both critical and practical guidance and support, especially for students’ intent on working in creative ways in the contemporary theatre sector, her knowledge of opportunities and ability to give bespoke advice was exemplary. We look forward to continuing working with Louise in the future. Senior Lecturer, Department of Theatre, Chichester University

It went really well, was very informative and allowed for different practices, plus the mix of group work and individual time was a good balance. I think everybody left with lots of things to think about that will mature and make their way into their practice in little drips, which in my books is always good. Programme Manager, HOME, Manchester

Allowed me to focus on things (my health and well being) that would not usually be a priority.

Helped me highlight how I can take steps toward a more balanced work-play lifestyle which is both affordable and mentally sustainable.

It was holistic – covering details that were very practical (e.g. money) as well as more fluid details (e.g. time, mental health).

Thinking about how freelance work can be thought of as an annual budget, as opposed to separate work.

Really nice structure on how to find time for well being. I like the engagement with the other participants.
Participant’s responses (HOME, Manchester)

The workshop helped to focus my ideas and to clarify things I already knew but didn’t understand.

The workshop felt like an open/safe space to discuss, share and receive ideas.

Louise especially was great; I felt the workshop was really beneficial for my professional development.
Participant’s responses (The Place, London)


I offer mentoring to a range of people at different points in their career. I can offer strategic support to organisations as well as support for individuals. If you are interested please get in touch.

We all really enjoyed the day and were energised by it. You were upbeat and kept us focused and positive – kept us from wandering off on tangents. You gave direction and shape without forcing your own views. It was brilliantly involving for the team – everyone’s voice given equal weight, good for team bonding and genuinely equal. The three themes you identified have become a talking point for how we go forward and informing ideas of future direction (cultural exchange, diversity, artistic development moments). I don’t think we would have got to those without some support! Naomi Wilds, Artistic Director Adverse Camber

Being mentored by Louise had a profound impact on helping me discover what I wanted from my practice as a producer. She has a generosity of spirit, a sharp instinct and an ability to really, really listen. She will provoke you, push you further and she won’t let you chicken out of your own ambition, but she will do all this whilst making you feel valued and held. Jenny Gaskill, Independent Producer

Thanks so much for your time and advice. Practically useful, but also encouraging for our spirits. Karen Glossop, Wishbone Theatre

It was great to get the chance to talk about the company with you, having to answer your questions was very helpful in focusing my mind on what I think is great about the project, it always sounds very exciting when put into words for someone else I think. Glen Neath, Co-Director, Darkfield

Louise supported Milk Presents through some critical company development. Her guidance was bespoke to our needs and her wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector meant she understood exactly what our aims and ambitions were and was able to provide tangible information on how to achieve these. As a direct result of Louise’s support the company have been successful in new funding arenas and have comprehensive business development plans. Ruby Glaskin, Producer, Milk Presents


I only offer work experience and interning as a paid position and this is most often through university students being paid as a post-graduate position or as part of their course. The experiences are very bespoke and work best when they are tailored to a specific project. If you are interested in producing then get in touch. You can read about my most recent intern’s experience (David Doust) of working with me here.