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Creative Call Outs – Creative Crawley

The Right Here Festival on 29th & 30th January 2021 celebrates creativity and creative people in Crawley since March 2020. As part of the festival we are inviting you to send us a film of an object that represents 2020 for you.

Send us a film of your lockdown object for the Lockdown Looking Glass short film

Has there been a spot, space, object, pet, item of importance to you since our lives shifted vastly in March 2020? Somewhere or something in your homes, from which you have sought comfort and joy? Or something that has driven you mad all lockdown long…

Your object or area could be…

– An old battered arm chair you’ve curled up in day after day?
– A dripping tap you couldn’t fix or a flickering light bulb?
– Your prized oversized jumper that’s kept you cosy and warm?
– A wind chime or crystal hanging in your window bringing light and life in to your house?
– A bird feeder that you can see from your kitchen window?
– That spare toilet roll or two that you hid from your housemates in the downstairs cupboard
– Your bath tub and bubble bath that has soothed stresses away
– A disco ball in your bedroom for your solo raves?

At Creative Crawley, we are curious to see a snippet of your lockdown living. We are inviting you to send us a short clip of your chosen Lockdown Looking Glass item of importance which will be featured in a film for Right Here Festival and shown online and on digital screens in the town.

LOCK DOWN LOOKING GLASS – Short films by Crawley Residents : How to submit

Films should be no more than 45 seconds long and shot on your phones or tablets in landscape

1) Pick your item or area of importance
2) Plan your responses to the prompts below
3) Have a little practice run if you like
4) Pop your device in landscape mode and film – don’t forget to tell us your name
5) Send your clip to hello@creativecrawley.com

NOTE: We want to see the area or object you have chosen to share, not you, but we would love to hear your voice as you tell us about the object.

You can watch an example film here so you know the kind of thing we are looking for.

Please do not send films of people.


• Say hello and tell us your name
• Tell us what you are showing us
• What part has it played in your lockdown life
• Anything else you would like us to know about it

Deadline for video submissions is Friday 22nd January.

Thanks for getting involved.

Images by Jacob Punter.