Music in Crawley & Crawley Writers’ Circle by Crawley Museum


Fri 29th Jan | Sat 30th Jan - All day

Online (recorded)

From Songs of the Merry Winemakers of Crawley to David Bowie playing at the Young Socialist’s Southern Regional Conference at Crawley Boys’ Club in 1966, investigate the memories of a range of Crawley residents and consider what music means to you.

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As the museum is closed at the moment you can watch a silent film of the objects on display in this exhibition here or you can watch a playlist of music from Crawley here.

Crawley Writers’ Circle

Crawley Writers’ Circle is a small, friendly group of writers with informal meetings held at Crawley Museum once a month. If you are already a writer, or would like to give writing a try, please do join us.

Writing in lockdown has given members inspiration to reflect on their local environment and their current situation. Crawley Writers’ Circle have kept in touch via email during lockdown and if you click on this link you can see some films they have made where local writers Charles Smith, Heather Eves, Parveen Khan, Maureen Green and David Gray perform the poetry they have written during lockdown.